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Changing the way people look at music

HotinBirmingham interviewed Johnny Dixon, the creator behind the HOT band Domenion. A band of 3 brings out a Grand sound you wouldn't believe!

HotinBirmingham: Why did you pick your band name and how did you form?

Johnny: The name Domenion derived from the word "Dome" meaning to cover many aspects of music. We started at the French Quarter as an 8 piece band in Birmingham opening for famous singers such as Anita Baker, and Jamie Foxx. We were very fortunate to work with such talented people. The band later made changes and formed Domenion including Jeffrey Dixon-drum player and 20 years experience as a dj carrying over 90,000 discographies and Latonja Adams-vocalist and graduate of The Alabama School of Fine Arts.

HotinBirmingham: Who is your musical inspirations and mentors?

Johnny: Bo Berry, Ona Watson, John Palmore, Clarence Albright

HotinBirmingham: What types of genres do you play?

Johnny: We are versatile we play anything from R&B, jazz, country and rock n' roll. We check the charts and billboards to see what's hot or current to stay ahead of the curve.

HotinBirmingham: How do you feel about having an online presence for your fans?

Johnny: It's a major factor. It gives your audience a chance to view your music. We are in the process of working on a single being released September or October 2015. We are working with talented people such as Clarence Albright. We are just about booked for the summer and each year it gets better and better!

HotinBirmingham: What advice would you give other musicians who are looking to get started?

Johnny: Step outside your comfort zone and think outside the box. If you do what everyone else does you will get the same results. Love the business side of it but also love the music. The smaller your nucleus the more you get out of it.

HotinBirmingham: Describe your band as a whole?

Johnny: We want to change the way people look at music. We are tyring to push as far as we can to get as much as we can get out of it.

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Juneteenth-check your local listings

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