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What is HotinBirmingham

I created this site and blog to give people a new vision of what Birmingham is really about. I wanted to give restaurants, businesses, and events a fresh and different look into how they can advertise and showcase their product, service or event. I have been in the television/journalism industry for over 10 years and I love exploring and sharing those fascinating stories with others. Birmingham has a lot to offer, from all the fabulous restaurants, shops, and the new Uptown district downtown I still feel there is a part of this city that needs to be told. We can all agree at some point we want to know what is going on or what restaurant can we try out tonight and most time we just don't know where to look. So many times I run into people who just moved here or visiting and they always to seem share one common thread, "What is Birmingham?" So as we grow together I invite everyone to share this journey with me as we explore why we are called the Magic City!

Belgian Waffles

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