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One of the Hottest Bands in Birmingham--B Natural

HotinBirmingham interviewed Terrell Maye, the creator behind the fabulous band B Natural. Find out why his advice to future band startups "YOU CAN'T FAKE THE MUSIC and DON'T STAY IN THE HOUSE" is key essential in this business. From the great mentors in life connected with his great talent allows him to bring Birmingham a magical tune called---jazz.

HotinBirmingham: Why did you pick your band name and how did you form?

Terrell: In middle school I was asked by my trumphet teacher if I wanted to play trumphet and I did. From there I attended West End High School where my band teacher Thomas Stewart, influenced me as well. Afterwards the band was originally started with myself and Luther Smalls who later moved on to new adventures and from there I needed a base and piano player. Now the band is currently formed with Tori Glover Hill-vocalist, Dameon Kirksey-drummer, and Terrell Maye--trumphet & keys. Other musicians are called as needed. B Natural fits because you stay true to who you are.

HotinBirmingham: Who is your musical inspirations and mentors?

Terrell: Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Lee Morgan, Roy Hargrove, Bo Berry, Kleeve Eaton

HotinBirmingham: What types of genres do you play?

Terrell: We are versatile we play anything from neo soul, R&B, and jazz.

HotinBirmingham: How do you feel about having an online presence for your fans?

Terrell: I feel an online presence is very important because we all live busy lives and it gives those an opportunity who can't come out to some of our shows they can reconnect via social media. I have been able to connect with a lot of my high school classmates who now can see what I am up to. We are working on an EP (extended play) coming out first part of this summer.

HotinBirmingham: What advice would you give other musicians who are looking to get started?

Terrell: Get out and start playing, invite musicians to your band and possibly others may invite you to play with their band as well. DON'T STAY IN THE HOUSE. One quote that sticks with me comes from my former high school band teacher and mentor Thomas Stewart is, "If you wait until you're ready to come out here, you will never come". Be bold, take the first step, and be willing to go through the fire. You can't fake the music.

HotinBirmingham: Give me one word to describe your band as a whole?

Terrell: VISIONARY, because it's an expression of who I am. I'm allowed to live my vision. I am humbled and flattered that people are sharing my vision. My band is a democracy. I don't put shackles on my musicians. I allow them to express their visions.

B natural band.jpg

Upcoming Shows and contact info:

March 20th at Olivia's in Birmingham--9pm

May 29th--Jazznet at the Harbert Center downtown

Facebook-B Natural

Instagram-B Natural Jazz

To get your story told contact:

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