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Girls Pep Talk: A Grown Girls Anthology of Quotations

Author aims to motivate, stimulate and encourage women

(New York City, NY) – Readers can’t wait to get their hands on the second book from award-winning author Yolanda Brathwaite. She is on a mission to inspire women to live their best lives and help women overcome the odds to find a deeper sense of fulfillment in life.

The new book, Girls Pep Talk: A Grown Girls Anthology of Quotations, is a treasure house of favorite sayings sure to motivate, stimulate and encourage all women. “It is so important that women lift each other up!”, said Yolanda Brathwaite. “I hope this book helps those who may be struggling or searching use these quotations to help them get back on track,” she added.

Yolanda takes readers on a journey using the inspiring quotes that help three phenomenal women get through each day. She hopes to help women find their pathways to purpose in life, work, faith, identity, and healing.

Customers can purchase the book today on Amazon, Good Reads, Google Books.


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